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Selenite – a colourless, translucent stone, which is characterized by pearly shine and reminiscent of the light of the moon sparkle. Its name is derived from the Greek moon goddess Selene name. Crystals formed weird shapes pins that come in stripes. Some pieces of selenite have air or water bubbles. Selenite acts as an insulator, so the touch, it seems warmer that other crystals.

Selenite highly calming and brightens the mind, so it is good to have with yourself a piece of the stone in time of emotional stress. Lovers exchange of selenite flint, this action will bring reconciliation.

Selenite also unlocks stagnant energy, body and soul with peace. Local selenite create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, with distorted by outside influences.

Selenite is very suitable for meditation, transparent energy.

Orange selenite have all white selenite properties, and also it is a transformation stone. It helps to heal old emotional wounds and transform this negative energy into healing, forgiveness and acceptance. Use orange selenite to increase self – awareness and begin to take a new path in life


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