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Lamps bring light frequencies in a room and can improve the mood in any space. Incorporating crystal lamps provide double benefits since they add light to a room while also radiating it’s crystal energies! Himalayan salt lamps are great for releasing negative ions in the air that are known to provide healing and clearing. I have a himalayan salt lamp in the bedroom that also works as a good night light when needed.

Selenite lamps are also great because they raise the vibration of any room since they are high vibration crystals. I love selenite lamps lit up because they radiate such a gentle glow and are brighter than himalayan salt lamps. Selenite also has aura clearing and crystal cleansing properties, so large selenite lamps are great for sealing your aura on the fly. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know I’m all about multi-purpose crystals because they make life so much more efficient!

When I come home from being out in a public environment, I love placing each of my hands on a selenite lamp or two to give me an instant recharge and auric sealing. I feel it instantly and I highly recommend you try it! You can also use the lamp to recharge and clear your bracelets after wearing them throughout the day. I also like using the colored selenite lamps I offer in my shop because you can add color healing into your home to increase it’s vibration. Colors have healing frequencies, so keep that in mind as well when decorating your home with color and plants!


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