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Onyx – a symbol of eloquence, 7th wedding anniversary stone.

Roman soldiers wore onyx talismans engraved in characters such as Hercules, or the god of war Mars, images. The soldiers believed that wearing these heroes images made from onyx and they become just as bold and daring. During the Renaissance it was believed that onyx will eloquence, and was highly regarded speakers and orators.

Onyx strengthens the heart, kidneys, nervous system, capillaries, hair, eyes, and nails. Onyx also helps with sleep disorders. This gemstone helps to eliminate apathy, stress and neurological disorders. Gemstone eliminates negative thinking, as well as increases the headpiece. Onyx attracts spiritual inspiration. It is very good for helping to control emotions.

It is believed that onyx increase regeneration, happiness, strengthens intuition and instincts to help change bad habits.

Strength giving stone very suitable for athletes or people who are working hard mental work or experiencing emotional stress. Onyx provides a balance between mind and body, strengthens the spirit, helps focus, gives self – confidence. 


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